Student Award

Mark Mattaini Student Engagement Award

Number of awards each year: 1-2 (depending on available funds)

Deadline: December 31 of each year

CLICK HERE to apply

Applicants will be notified of results by April 15th of each year.


1) Priority will be given to current BFSR student members, or those willing to become BFSR student members; 

2) must be working in social-cultural justice areas (please see the aim and scope of Behavior and Social Issues, and the mission of Behaviorists for Social Responsibility)

Application Process:

To be completed through the BFSR website

1) Complete application with basic questions (education status, area of study, advisor/mentor); 

2) Submit an abstract of a completed paper (unpublished, not submitted for publication), or formal proposal for a paper including an estimated timeline for completion. Submissions should follow the publication guidelines for Behavior and Social Issues.

The awardee must commit to at least one of the following:

  1. Submit a completed paper to BSI as a “Student Spotlight” article. Awardee will be given the opportunity to be paired with a mentor from BFSR or BSI to prepare the manuscript for submission, or the student may work with their own advisor or mentor. 
  2. Present their work as part of a symposium organized by BFSR at the following ABAI Annual Convention.
  3. Participate in the development of a poster highlighting the work of BFSR members at the ABAI Annual Convention.

The awardee (and their advisor/mentor, if applicable) should plan on attending the BFSR Business Meeting at the ABAI Annual Convention to be recognized for their award.

To apply for this award, please click this link.

Brett Gelino, Primary Contact

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