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Goal: Develop materials to evoke the practice of “Inclusion of cultural/behavioral systems level content particularly with emphasis on social issues in curricula in conjunction with encouraging students to enroll in related coursework in other disciplines” for University Behavior Analysis Programs and to evoke the practice “Incorporate coursework lectures around applications of behavior analysis to social issues” for Teaching and Research Faculty. Joining efforts with Bibliography working group, the Course Unit Working Group has created several course units on introducing behavior analytic concepts and principles while introducing students to the work behavior analysts have conducted in the area of sustainability and poverty. Articles are coded according to their correspondence with the 5th edition BACB Task List such that these course units are appropriate for inclusion in courses offered as part of verified course sequences. These course units are available on the BFSR SIG website.

Work Group: Traci Cihon, Gabrielle Morris, Alex Treadway, Emily Perez Glendon, past contributor Tara Grant


Sustainability & Behavior Analysis Sample Course Units

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Behavior Analysis and Poverty Sample Syllabus   (Thank you to Dr. Edward Morris for sharing this resource with BFSR)



Goal: Develop resources to make it easier for behavior analysts and students to get involved in sustainability. The group has conducted interviews with other professionals who are working in sustainability but who are not behavior analysts, to identify what behavior analysts should know about other areas with the goal of increasing interdisciplinary collaboration. These interviews are available on the BFSR SIG website.  We are also in the process of gathering information on job and volunteer positions as well as conferences in sustainability that behavior analysts might be interested in as well as funding sources to support research efforts. These resources will be posted on the BFSR website. Finally, the work group recently published an article in Perspectives on Behavior Science which outlines how a Matrix analysis can be applied to sustainability and how it has guided the efforts of the sustainability work group.

Work Group: Traci Cihon, Holly Seniuk, Molly Benson, Molli Luke


Making a Footprint in Environmental Sustainability: A Behavioral Systems Approach to Engaging the Behavioral Community

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