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What is BFSR?

This SIG makes a preliminary response to B. F. Skinner’s rhetorical question, “Why are we not acting to save the world?” Members of this SIG use behavior analysis and related theoretical approaches to attempt to understand and provide solutions to broad societal, environmental, and global challenges.


The mission of Behaviorists for Social Responsibility (BFSR) is to act to expand applications of behavior analysis and cultural analysis addressing social issues, particularly those with social justice, human rights, and environmental implications. Activities of BFSR include expanding and strengthening the community of behavior analytic scientists working in areas of societal and global importance; providing mutual motivative operations and reinforcement for this work, while supporting and challenging each other in deepening it; encouraging advances in the emerging sub-discipline of behavioral systems science/cultural analysis, in which many promising approaches to dealing with important societal and global issues are grounded; expanding access to current experimental, applied, and conceptual analyses related to social issues and behavioral systems analysis worldwide through publication of the scientific journal Behavior and Social Issues; encouraging behavior scientists and practitioners to take practical action challenging oppression, in solidarity with those who are most at risk; expanding public awareness of behavior analytic and cultural analytic principles and practices that can contribute to addressing social issues; and expanding presentations and programming related to social issues at the ABAI annual convention and other scientific and professional venues.

BFSR Planners

The BFSR Board of Planners consists of 5-8 SIG members who represent diverse roles (e.g., international, faculty, students, practitioners) and BFSR interest areas (e.g., dissemination, sustainability, social justice).

Current BFSR Board of Planners Members:

Mark Mattaini                Richard Rakos           Traci Cihon                 Kendra Combs

Holly Seniuk                     Sarah Richling                  Jose Ardila


The BFSR bylaws were first created on 11.1.2018. Read the BFSR Bylaws here

Brett Gelino, Primary Contact

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