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The primary intellectual framework for Behavior and Social Issues is the science of behavior analysis and its sub-discipline of cultural systems analysis, but contributions from contrasting viewpoints will occasionally be considered if of specific interest to behavior analysts. We recommend that potential authors examine recent issues to determine whether their work is appropriate to the journal. Appropriate contributions include theoretical and conceptual analyses, research articles and brief reports, dialogues, and research reviews. Behavior and Social Issues is an appropriate forum for the work of senior scholars in the field, many of whom serve on the editorial board, as well as for the work of emerging scholars, including students, who have an interest in the contributions of a natural science of behavior to constructing cultures of social justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability.

Behavior and Social Issues is an official publication of the Association for Behavior Analysis International.

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Editor-in-Chief: Mark Mattaini


International Perspectives on Cultural and Social Issues

Deadline: December 1, 2020 

We here invite behavior analysts, as well as scholars and researchers from related disciplines (familiar with behavior analysis), to contribute to a special issue of Behavior and Social Issues focused on international perspectives on cultural and social issues. We especially invite contributions by authors from or engaged with countries where there are few or no universities offering programs in behavior analysis and the community of behavior analysts is small. The focus of this special issue is to inform behavior analysts globally about advances in international behavior analytic practice and research addressing social and cultural issues unique to these countries from which all can learn.

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Revitalizing Behavioral Community Psychology


Deadline: Please submit by email an abstract no longer than 250 words to Dr. Kaston Anderson-Carpenter, by December 1, 2020. 


We invite behavior analysts, as well as scholars and researchers from related disciplines familiar with behavior analysis, to contribute to a special issue of Behavior and Social Issues focused on behavioral community psychology. This specialty drew on behavior analysis and community psychology in the late 1960s through the early 1980s as a forerunner of behavioral and interdisciplinary approaches to addressing social issues. We especially invite contributions by authors whose work is at the intersection of behavior-analytic and community-engaged approaches. 

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Primary Contact: Holly Seniuk


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