BFSR Social Issues Survey

The MATRIX Project is an effort being led by several members of the Behaviorists for Social Responsibility Special Interest Group (BFSR SIG) of ABAI. Through the Matrix Project, we endeavor to identify specific practices that could contribute to expanding and promoting behavioral systems work among 28 societal sectors. 


University Behavior Analysis Programs and behavior analysis faculty, for example, are critical sectors that ensure we are training students of behavior analysis and professionals to address social and environmental issues in their studies and practice. An immediately feasible practice we identified for behavior analysis programs and faculty is to increase course content that integrates social issues into behavior analysis curricula coursework. Similarly, one immediately feasible practice for students of behavior analysis is to participate in these courses. 


We are also interested in what individual behavior analysts are experiencing. For example, one immediately feasible practice suggested in the Matrix Project is that those who are practicing but specializing in other areas, could engage in one project related to social or sustainability issues. What reflections do you have from your coursework or how are you coming into contact with behavior analysis and social issues in your work currently?


We want your input to guide the types of resources we can develop to support you in strengthening the bridge between behavior analysis and social issues.We appreciate your support and look forward to further promoting and supporting behavioral approaches to addressing social and environmental issues. Please click the link below to complete the survey.

Survey Deadline: June 15th, 2020

Primary Contact: Holly Seniuk


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